Key Spacing – Sharps

Once re-bushed, all keys (naturals & sharps) may need some fine spacing. This is best done prior to key levelling.

The sharps are classically spaced very slightly towards the centre of the keyboard, bearing in mind that the movement of the pianist’s hand puts a slight outward pressure on each key.

Also, the groupings of the sharps (c sharp, d sharp / f,g,a sharps) should have equal spacing between each key, so that the pianist’s fingers will reliably fit.

1  If keys are not properly upright (and their respective capstans can also safely be altered), some correction of the balance pin is appropriate.

2  If the spacings need adjusting at the front guide (bat) pin, first remove the baize, then bend the bat pin as close to its fixing as possible, so as not to bring any curvature into the functional length of the pin.

3  If moving the key in either of the above ways makes the distal ends rub (and you’re sure the correction is really necessary), then fine planing of any excess key wood is the final step.

space too narrow

space too narrow









bend the bat pin

bend the bat pin

even spacing

even spacing

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