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Concert Venues

“It is a pleasure working with Ben. He is reliable, friendly and most importantly produces great results with our piano.” (Steinway model A)

Rebecca Noy, Events Manager, Chelsea Arts Club

Recording Venues

“Ben has looked after our pianos for over 10 years. His knowledge of Fazioli pianos is incomparable and makes him irreplaceable to us. Also, his ability to work alongside the studio has been invaluable, with him being the only piano technician we will hire for a piano session. Above all, Ben’s work on our pianos is more important than the microphones we place around them.”     

(Fazioli 228; Bechstein B; Yamaha C7; Horniblow harpsichord)

Amy Blyth, Manager, Challow Park Studios 



“Thank you for all your work on the pianos – I’ve had a look at the newly-arrived and refurbished Steinways a couple of times in the last few weeks and am greatly impressed by the quality of the work you’ve done. I think these instruments make a wonderful addition to the School, and teachers and students will be thrilled to have Steinways on which to teach and practise.”

(Steinway model O, circa 1886; Steinway model B, circa 1890; Steinway model C, circa 1988)

Dr. David Allinson, Director of Music, Canterbury Christ Church University

Pianist Teachers

Dear Ben,

Thank you so much for all your hard work on my piano – it was really a labour of love.   It’s a dream to play and I know you struggled with its failings but you’ve made it smile again.  A skilled technician with a musical ear – what a winning combination.  Thank you.

best wishes,

(Weber 175 grand)

Proficient Amateur Pianists

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did on my Steck grand piano over two days.

I’ve been playing it quite a lot since you finished the regulation last week. I’ve been greatly enjoying the improved quality of the tone and the action, as well as the evenness of the keys, which helps greatly with dynamics, as well as scales and runs.

The upper register sings much more now and the bass has lost that muddiness. That makes it so much easier to hear the counterpoint when playing classical music, and I think I’m finding it easier to perceive the individual notes within complex chords (especially when playing jazz).

I should also say that it was a pleasure to have you around, and to gain a little glimpse into the secrets of your craft.

I’ll certainly call you again if my tuner recommends that any more work needs to be done.

With best wishes,

Peter Dews

Professor of Philosophy
University of Essex


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Heidrun Bergander says:

    Vielen, vielen Dank für deinen Besuch, Ben, für dein handwerkliches Können und deine feinen Ohren! Nach dem Stimmen und Entonieren “singen” jetzt alle Töne, und obwohl ich häufig auf verschiedenen Instrumenten spiele – ich finde, kein Flügel klingt so schön wie meiner!

    Heidrun Bergander, Lehrerin am Konservatorium von Vila-seca, Katalonien

  2. Véronique Werklé says:

    Dear Ben,
    I will never forget the first time you worked on my piano who had become a stranger after the hammers had been replaced.We had a long conversation and you understood exactly what I wanted…and you brought back my dear companion and made him sing beautifully again.
    Thank you so much for your kindness and for your advices.I trust your ears and competence so much that noone else has ever touched my piano in the last ten years..
    See you soon…!

    Véronique Werklé, head of the pianists, Gran Teatro del Liceo, Barcelona

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