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Check-Hammer Alignment

Once the hammers are aligned to the strings (and travelled & burned) – and, of course, the keys levelled & spaced (with any required straightening, via steaming or planing) – the checks can be aligned to the hammers (hammer tails), … Continue reading


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Half Blow

The Half Blow and its correct adjustment are vital to tonal control and evenness of touch weight (also this latter is primarily determined by appropriate Weighing Out of the keys – on this, more anon). On sensible instruments (alas, not … Continue reading

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Moth Damage III & Its Prevention

I could post pics of moth damage from nearly every piano I service – so ubiquitous is the problem now! (See other posts) On this Yamaha C7 from the 1970s, the monsters had progressed from their usual starting place, the … Continue reading

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Lever-Roller Alignment

The alignment of levers & hammer rollers is, like all adjustable parameters in the regulation sequence**, essential to optimum function – which is in itself a prerequisite for the piano’s voicing. See how bad most of these levers & hammers … Continue reading

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