For Sale: Chappell Baby Grand – SOLD

Reconditioned by me – that means it’s beautifully voiced and sounds very even and open; easy to play. I’m quite enjoying playing it myself!


New strings (and bass strings) and tuning pins throughout.

Action is thoroughly serviced, with a light touchweight.

Key coverings are ivory.

Casework is clean but patchy: major dents filled and polished over, but there remain many small scratches and the colouration is uneven.

Most important for me is always the functionality of an instrument – that’s why the insides and workings are in top working order. Sorry about the casework. Nevertheless, a bargain, I think.

Do come and try it.

Price: £2,800. (Delivery paid for by customer).

Two free tunings.



Pedals before & after


Before re-stringing…


After re-stringing.

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