Tuning Pin Turning?

It took me one whole year to source a tuning lever (ie a tuning head attachment) small enough to turn all these tuning pins. They are of a size no longer available, so even my tuning lever’s smallest attachment wouldn’t turn all of them (ie not the worn pins).

So, whilst I could restore good regulation & tone to this baby grand, about one dozen strings had to wait 12 months before they could be restored to A=440 Hertz.

Thanks indeed to Mr George Veness, of The Stanhope Collection http://www.stanhopecollection.co.uk, for discovering the saving tuning head attachment at the bottom of one of his tool drawers!SPSWrestPinSize

(The white pads, made of tissue paper, were at last relieved of their task of muting the previously untuned strings!)

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