Bluthner Patent Action

Keys were tight on this Bluthner Patent Action grand, and there was suspected moth damage, so I had to do the deed of removing the stack (which is easy – it’s just the re-fitting of the stack which takes some extra patience!).SPSBluthnerKeyFrame1

In fact, there was relatively little moth damage, but the keys couldn’t have properly been eased any other way:SPSBluthnerSticker1

Also, doing a maintenance re-facing of the hammers was cleaner:SPSBluthnerHammer1Mind you, levelling the keys brought such a good starting point for regulating the action, I was glad I had cleaned the whole key frame in the first place:SPSKeyLevelBalance1 with a dust-free key frame (especially the balance rail), slipping in the specially prepared washers is straight-forward (almost!).

(Do email me if you can’t make sense of this photo!)

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