Slippery Jack – Kawai

Pianos went thru a bad period of experimentation with various plastics – but Kawai came thru with a brilliant set up: all bearing parts use traditional felts/leathers, except the JACKS, which are the best jacks I’ve ever seen…

Kawai Super-Jacks

Kawai Super-Jacks

…Note the minimal wear on rollers – and absence of that darned black slippery stuff that usually gets absorbed, causing noise problems.

The jacks’ plastic is so slippery, it feels wet to touch. Release of the jack from the roller (set-off & aftertouch) is thus smooth and consistent throughout. And no need to rub up or treat the rollers!

In terms of their action & musicality of sound and responsiveness, all Kawai grands I’ve worked on in the last years beat ALL other non-European makes – as well as surpassing many European or American makes!

Well done, Kawai!

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