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Steinway Repetition

Steinway Repetition Steinway Repetition It is worth repeating! As fast as you can? Well, all too often, the repetition springs are set tooooo tight. Of course, this is to ‘improve’ the repetition. But then the hammers start ‘bubbling’ (uncontrollably re-striking … Continue reading

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Steinway Regulating After Touch

Regulating the Aftertouch is definitely a touchy-feely operation! Once keyboard and keys, brushing-up rollers, levers-to-hammers, blow distance, jacks-to-rollers, set-off & drop have all been adjusted, basic depth of touch and aftertouch can be regulated. The depth of touch is just … Continue reading

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Steinway D Tuning – Like Home

Ah! Tuning a Steinway D – it’s just like being back in the factory, everything’s so familiar and straightforward – especially when it’s a superbly reconditioned instrument by Jeff Shackell.

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