Steinway Repetition

Steinway Repetition Steinway Repetition

It is worth repeating! As fast as you can? Well, all too often, the repetition springs are set tooooo tight. Of course, this is to ‘improve’ the repetition. But then the hammers start ‘bubbling’ (uncontrollably re-striking the string) – and this can often be heard in concerts, or even on recordings.

So, to attempt the best compromise between too fast and too slow, all action settings must first be regulated (including a correct checking distance of no closer than 15mm):

Then the repetition springs can be adjusted so that each hammer will rise promptly from checking to set-off point –  without bubbling! (making bass hammers slower than trebles, to allow for the mass/momentum problem) This can be both seen and felt.

Easy to describe – much harder to achieve, of course!

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