Grotrian-Steinweg Rollers

Brushing up rollers (using a suede brush) is essential for a clean, smooth set-off and aftertouch. The brushing not only partly removes indentations from the repetition lever, it also helps remove most of the Winslip (other anti-friction coatings are available) from the roller, too. I have to say: I really do not like these anti-friction coatings! They just rub off into the roller leather, thus creating 2 hard, noisy contact surfaces and more trouble than they’re worth.

I find it much better to rub up the rollers and rub in SOAP STONE. Once this operation has been repeated (several visits), the rollers retain a functional amount of the soapstone (Steatite/French Chalk) – and thus a smooth, noise-free set-off.

This photo shows the rollers on a Grotrian-Steinweg 189 grand (in Barcelona, Catalonia) having already been rubbed up (then vacuumed/blown off), with soapstone being rubbed in.

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